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Co. Galway.

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  • Do you know what your Life Assurance costs?
  • Do you know exactly what type of assurance cover you have in place and what it protects you for?
  • Do you think you're getting the best value for money with all your policies?
  • Do you have adequate pension provision?

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About Me

Michael HannonAs a Financial Broker I meet people on a daily basis who have questions about their finances especially in the current climate. My job as an advisor is to answer these questions and to help you identify the best solutions that will give you peace of mind.

I am a holder of the industry and regulator recognised qualification, Qualified Financial Advisor, this combined with industry experience and my independence, means that you can be assured that my professionalism, loyalty and integrity is to you my client and not any individual company.

When we meet, I will look at your current financial set up, the concerns you have and your financial goals for the future. I will provide you with a detailed report with recommendations for you to consider. My experience has shown that clients do not want a series of financial products; clients want a financial plan in place to suit their personal needs.

I believe in this world the role of a trusted financial advisor cannot be over emphasised when you consider the potential needs for family protection, income protection, planning for retirement and investments.

If you feel this service would be of value to you, or perhaps you want a second opinion on the business you have in place at the moment, please contact me with a view to arranging a time to have this discussion.